KB1 Flexifuel
Daily Driver Owned by D0ubleAgent

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    eFlexfuel E85 ethanol kit https://eflexfuel.com/en, H&R springs, 19" chrome wheels, tints
  1. There is a way relatively easy to change ignition, but then you would have to run E85 only, or change map every time you fill back gasoline or any other mixture of gas/ethanol than E85.
    Changing map takes about 20 mins :Grin:
  2. Looks amazing!

    Do you feel, a performance increase with E85 Ethanol fuel?
    1. D0ubleAgent Avatar
      No changes on performance. Its adaptive so one can drive any mixture of gasoline and e85. Since there is no way to advance ignition timing easily you cannot see any difference performance-wise with (basically racing-fuel comparable) e85.
      D0ubleAgent, Friday 18th Aug, 2017
    2. Fiskekutteren Avatar
      Ah okay :Smile:
      Fiskekutteren, Friday 18th Aug, 2017
  3. Nice !! I see you don't need to use your indoor mirrors !!:Grin:
    1. D0ubleAgent Avatar
      Haahaa yes I can see well via chrome also :Grin:
      D0ubleAgent, Thursday 17th Aug, 2017