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  • Swapped my 145,000+ miles Yaris with this Jazz on one of my trips to Yorkshire. The car did show signs of neglect but I always wanted a Honda of some sort and thought of Jazz as a clever super-mini and it didn't disappoint. I found the ride of the Jazz much better than Yaris as it is firm yet comfortable. Electric power steering was a bit unnerving in the beginning but I like it now.. So far I have done about 1500 trouble free miles but the car does need a bit of attention.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Service History:
    11.12.2012 Offside Front Ball Joint/Wishbone Replaced
    21.01.2013 Nearside Front Ball Joint/Wishbone Replaced
    21.01.2013 Offside & Nearside Rear Flexi-hoses Replaced
    21.03.2013 Gearbox Rebuilt & New Clutch Fitted (@49,997 miles)
    24.05.2013 Full Exhaust Replaced (CAT, Midpipe, Backbox)
    27.06.2013 Full Service Including Motor Flush & Engine Treatment
    04.07.2013 External Tailgate Lock Fitted
    01.08.2013 Tailgate Lock Fitted (Again?)
    31.10.2013 Exhaust Manifold & Heat shield Replaced
    ---- I bought the car on 08.08.2015 ----
    20.08.2015 Passenger Airbag Recall Done
    11.10.2015 Backbox Replaced (@96,000 miles)
    01.11.2015 Two New Rear Tyres Fitted (@96,500 miles)
    22.11.2015 Nearside Rear Bearing Replaced (@97,000 miles)
    22.11.2015 Nearside Front Ball Joint/Wishbone Replaced (@97,000 miles)
    06.01.2016 Offside Rear Wheel Bearing Replaced (@98,600 miles)
    14.05.2016 Centre Exhaust Section Replaced (@99,000 miles)
    10.08.2016 Engine Oil & Filter Changed (@101,000 miles)
    29.08.2016 Offside Front Wishbone Replaced (@101,200 miles)
    29.08.2016 Offside Front Droplink Replaced (@101.200 miles)

    Things that require attention:

    * Engine Oil needs changing
    * Cabin & Air filters need replacing
    * Rear left bearing sounds very rough
    * Nearside front wishbone needs replacing (bad ball joint)
    * Replace rusty backbox
    * Swap two rear winter tyres for summer tyres
    * Offside rear bearing needs replacing too (only apparent now that nearside is silent)
    * Transmission oil change
    * Foggy headlights
    * Missing Rear Headrests
    * AC compressor not turning on
  1. Handsome machine you have there sir!
    Going to get reading the log in detail later on, particularly as you have been so good as to follow my project so far. Cheers!
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    1. legend-ary Avatar
      Thanks @BB Baboonface . Nothing fancy going on in here as opposed to your thread where these is plenty of amazing DIY going on but yeah have a read :Smile:
      legend-ary, Saturday 21st May, 2016
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