Julies FR-V
Partner's Car Owned by Smokingman

  • Just picked this up at the weekend, needs a little TLC.
    Rear disks and pads will need replacing soon,
    N/S fog light will need replacing.
    Rust on rear arches will need sorting.

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    Full set of Honda stamps in the service book up till last service at about 78k. Dealer said he had it serviced prior to sale in November and service book stamped. I don't think the oil had been changed as it was black!!

    The only invoice for any work was for a intercooler by Honda Sheffield three years back.
  1. Not had much time to update the FR-V, just to say the rear pads and disks were replace a few months back-APEX one's £78 all in. Still need to find time to get the door sorted.
  2. @Smokingman add us some more pics mate and also you can do oil changes from top of engine on N22.
    1. Smokingman Avatar
      How? as I have not got a vacuum pump. or syphon hose.
      Smokingman, Tuesday 24th Jan, 2017
    2. andy83 Avatar
      mate if you had a pump you could do it from the top ...
      andy83, Tuesday 24th Jan, 2017
  3. DrSam.
    Will do, probably pick yours and other FR-V owners brains as well. It will be oil change at the weekend.
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    1. DrSam Avatar
      That's what we are here for. Sharing knowledge
      DrSam, Tuesday 24th Jan, 2017
  4. Add more pictures when you can John. Would like to see it.
    Congratulations on your purchase
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