JDM Limited Edition II CR-X
Weekend Toy Owned by swampyjason

  • This is my 1990 Honda CR-X Limited Edition II (JDM). Only 600 of these were made; only for the Japanese market.

    The following spec is what makes the Limited Edition II:
    • Electric tuning high power cassette deck & CD Player
    • Sun visor with vanity mirror (Both)
    • Special two tone interior
    • Special seat leather & door lining
    • Bronze tint glass
    • Electric folding door mirrors
    • Two-tone body colour (Flint Black Metallic & Moonstone Pearl)
    • A/C
    • Power-steering
    • JDM D15b Dual Carb engine (Check Modifications for info on the swap)
    • Auto-choke

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    • Skunk2 Sport Shocks
    • Skunk2 Lowering Springs (60mm)
    • Alloy wheels (unknown brand) - temporary
    • JapSpeed 4-2-1 Exhaust Header
    • PowerFlow Exhaust System
    • Mini-Me Head Swap (D16Z6)
    • Electric Fuel Pump
    • BuddyClub V-Con
    • MOMO Steering Wheel & BOSS Kit
  1. Very cool. tell us more about your Limited Edition.
    I think stickers down the side need to make a comeback! miss the 80s
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    1. swampyjason Avatar
      Thank you sir. Yes, I was just about to finish writing a description about it when it came to my lunch break; which is now. So it will be up shortly. And I agree! Even though I was born in 93, I still feel like I should have been around in the earlier generation!
      swampyjason, Thursday 24th Mar, 2016
  2. Love it. Totally agree about the stickers on the flanks too...they add that certain something!

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  3. Superb !

    Can we have some pictures of the engine bay please ?
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    1. swampyjason Avatar
      Just uploaded a picture for you. This is an old picture, as it's all that I have haha
      swampyjason, Friday 15th Apr, 2016
    2. SpeedyGee Avatar
      Cool !
      SpeedyGee, Friday 15th Apr, 2016
  4. :dribble::dribble::dribble::dribble::dribble::dribble::dribble: that is all...
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  5. Beautiful!
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  6. I might be in love :Wub::Wub::Wub::Wub::Wub:

    Just awesome..nostalgic!! Beautiful! :salute:
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  7. Wow, this is really clean. Really rare, JDM only, and down to 600 units!
    Are you thinking of modifying it? Thought I'd ask, since you have the Japspeed manifold

    Another D15B around here :Grin::Grin:
    1. swampyjason Avatar
      Thank you!:Smile: Yes, that's all true. There's only 2 in the UK that I'm aware of (that are on the road anyway). In terms of bodywork, I'm not modifying loads. Just things like suspension, wheels, front lip etc. Keeping the paintwork original. The interior is also staying factory.

      In terms of the engine, I do plan to boost it after an engine rebuild:Smile: Here's hoping anyway!
      swampyjason, Wednesday 11th May, 2016
  8. Very nice have always loved these :Smile:
    1. K24CL9Guy Avatar
      Loving the new pics
      K24CL9Guy, Thursday 9th Feb, 2017
  9. What a nice car!!
    Was checking it out because I just bought a similar one (EU ED9, D16Z5 engine). Don't have it yet. Appr. 1 week of patience.... See my garage.
    Hard to see, but what rims do you have on the third picture? I bought mine what seems to be 100% same wheels.
    My guess is RW Macho wheels? Am I right?
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