JDM Edix - LPG install finished and certified
Daily Driver Owned by SpeedyGee

  • Finally received my Edix from Japan after a two month wait.

    She's running a K20 with an auto.

    Initial impressions are the paintwork will need a lot of TLC and there's a couple of areas of damage that will need sorting out.
    She'll need 4 new tyres.

    Inside, she is all pretty sweet. Under the hood, all the fluids bar the power steering all look quite fresh.

    Driving her up and down the drive she feels very pokey and responsive. Auto box changes gears smoothly, so everything is all good on the mechanical side of things.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Service Tasks Complete
    • Change the tyres - done (details here)
    • Swap out the speedo dials to show MPH - done (details here)
    • Install speed sensor multiplier, which ensure mileage clock goes up in MPH (no need to do this)
    • Install a rear fog light - done (details here) ... take 2 (details here)
    • Change air filter (details here)
    • Get the two damaged bodywork areas repaired
    • Carry out a full detail on the paintwork.. done by bodywork shop
    • Change engine oil (details here)
    • Valve clearances (details here)
    • LPG install (details here)
    Service Tasks ToDo
    • Change Autobox oil & filter
    • Flush power steering fluid
    • Flush brake fluid
    • Service the brakes
  1. OMG, can't believe you go that far to have actually imported this from Japan :Wink: very nicely done!
    Have you still kept the Japanese road tax discs?
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    1. SpeedyGee Avatar
      It didn't come with any of those but it still has all the stickers on back.
      SpeedyGee, Tuesday 2nd Feb, 2016
  2. Wow, I've never even heard of one of these before. I'm going to guess it's probably yet another car not available in the United States. Looks like it will make a great daily driver. Plenty of space and looks nice too.
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  3. Looks very nice and plenty to keep you busy

    Before I bought my black one a few weeks ago I was awaiting registration of an Edix in Swansea, in White with body kit, looked lovely but was causing me a few issues regarding insurance and changing of radio and sat nav
  4. looking good mate..

    what headlights has it got in???
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    2. chris2982 Avatar
      do you know if they were available in the UK or were they jdm only?...
      chris2982, Tuesday 14th Jul, 2015
    3. chris2982 Avatar
      never mind , , £430 each :Frown:
      chris2982, Tuesday 14th Jul, 2015
    4. SpeedyGee Avatar
      Ouch !
      SpeedyGee, Tuesday 14th Jul, 2015
  5. Interior looks pretty neat.
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  6. Great Car .Can you post pics of the interior dash .
    1. SpeedyGee Avatar

      Sure. Will do that later on this evening.
      SpeedyGee, Sunday 12th Apr, 2015
    2. kchimz Avatar
      Nice can't wait.:::
      kchimz, Sunday 12th Apr, 2015
  7. Great Car .Can you post pics of the interior dash .
  8. Nice one @SpeedyGee, looks and sounds like a good car. Plenty to keep you occupied , anything I can help with just ask mate.
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  9. Love the sticker - "Enjoy life - with automobile" :Smile:
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