Jazz SE
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  • Here is the new car I got for my parents it is a 2004 Jazz 1.4 SE the body work is a bit battered but I will work on that. I have already refurbished the headlights and while they are not perfect they are a lot better than they were.

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    Well due to gearbox bearings going and rust starting to set in this is now going and has been replaced by a 2009 Jazz ES
  1. Unfortunatly my Dad burn't the clutch out the first time he drove it but I got that replaced and mechanicly it is fine. He's has also managed to add a few more scrapes to it which I expected, that is why I did not worry that is was not 100%. I did sort a scratch on the offside rear wing that was down to metal when we got it. There is a second hand carpet waiting to go in as the original had two holes in it, they don't appear to be very good quality.
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  2. How is she going @Davej5 ?

    Great work on the headlights by the way...:clap:
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