Japanese Mule
Daily Driver Owned by LAN3Y

  • £300 steal bought a little over 2 months ago as a family run around

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Full set of wind deflectors
    Stock alloys painted Matt black
    Bonnet, roof, rear boot section wrapped Matt black
    Full lights tinted
    Rear windows tinted

    Service History & Related Threads

    Full Previous service history

    Rear brake pads replaced and power steering system flushed due to horrible whine

    Headlights sanded and buffed with machine polisher
  1. Bonnet and side mirrors needs wrapping due to laquer peel :s both will go black when i get around to it.
  2. Need more pics of those alloys. :Wink:
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  3. Looks a nice little motor to get you going. And looks a great little project with the laquer peel to repair etc.
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    1. LAN3Y Avatar
      Yeah lucky my brother in law has his own tinting and wrapping business
      LAN3Y, Sunday 11th Sep, 2016
  4. To be fair not too many, the rear chrome piece on the boot had to be tightened but apart from that its not too bad at all.
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  5. Current audio is

    JVC Bluetooth headunit
    JVC co-ax speakers powered by a JBL GTO 752 amp
    2x RE Audio RE12 12" D4 Subs powered by a Kenwood 1800w amp
    standard 6x9's on low
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    1. Fiskekutteren Avatar
      cool setup :Smile:. Do you have any rattles with two subs?
      Fiskekutteren, Sunday 11th Sep, 2016
  6. I do like the way you have done the rear lights and the back of the boot lid, almost reminds me of my old astra.
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    2. LAN3Y Avatar
      yeah just infront of the V jacking points
      LAN3Y, Thursday 3rd Nov, 2016
    3. Harvey Avatar
      Ah, I had that on my passenger side, inboard of the jacking point, and slightly forwards for it. Also where the subframe connector joins the body as well, in fact I also had a rusty subframe too, rusted through, but got that patched up.
      Harvey, Thursday 3rd Nov, 2016
    4. LAN3Y Avatar
      seems like a common issue then, but all sorted
      LAN3Y, Thursday 3rd Nov, 2016