Integra Type-R DC2
Previously Owned Owned by Mark11

  1. Lovely looking car. What happened to the lads ankle in that last picture :Whistle:
    1. Mark11 Avatar
      lol never noticed that i did crop the picture but not sure where his ankle gone
      Mark11, Thursday 6th Oct, 2016
  2. One of these or a 2nd Generation CR-X would complete my life.
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  3. Now this is what I am talking about. My ultimate dream machine.. I will have it one day! best of the old school screamers
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  4. Please add more pictures if you have them.
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    1. Mark11 Avatar
      Ill have a look some more
      Mark11, Friday 29th Jul, 2016
    2. Nels Avatar
      When you've got chance. You've had/got a great set of Hondas!
      Nels, Friday 29th Jul, 2016
    3. Mark11 Avatar
      Cheers Mate. I do like my Hondas
      Mark11, Friday 29th Jul, 2016
  5. Definitely my favorite. loved the old skool hondas. It was like a go-kart. Preferred this to the EP3. It seemed more of an animal lol
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  6. Ohhh more Honda hotness ! :Wub:
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