Impne's Daily driver
Daily Driver Owned by impne

  • Std spec Type-S unless you count
    Sport front bumper, grill, rear spats

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Sports front bumper, grill and rear spats
    Mugen wind deflectors
    Rage alloys, hubcentric rear spacers
    BC coilovers with Eibach rear arms
    Twin exit exhaust being made 2 weeks
    Rear reflectors different type not yet fitted
    German front splitter not fitted due to speed bump issues
    Bug spoiler, I know most don't like but serves a purpose for me
    Some LEDs in interior and exterior
  1. Car was reversed into while parked last November. picked it up Tuesday to find cracked windscreen which garage or ins company won't pay for? Been banging my head against a brick wall trying to sort this out for 3 days with no results yet. Last windscreen I had replaced by Honda dealer cost the dealer, windscreen, side trims and a roof repaint. I hope this isn't going the same way at my cost.
    This car is driving me mad and is going to have to go. Bring back the 7th Generation
    1. Nels Avatar
      I'm sorry to read that. Did they break the screen?
      Nels, Friday 20th Feb, 2015
    2. TypeS-Turton Avatar
      do you still have this car?
      TypeS-Turton, Friday 7th Aug, 2015
  2. What a beauty, nice car, congrats.
  3. Cheeky sod wash your mouth out lol

    It's the very reliable Citroen Peugeot group :Smile:

    The fun is trying to get to the show in the first place without breaking down :Smile:
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    1. Nighthawk Avatar
      wow - the middle car is a Citroen? Looks alot like a golf, but I can see the badge now. Seriously, make a seperate post, I am sure there will lots of people wanting to ask you questions about them. I am curious myself for sure.
      Nighthawk, Friday 7th Nov, 2014
  4. :Aghast::Aghast::Aghast::stop:

    Is that a VAG group mode of transport I see there?? :Laughing:

    Make a seperate post mate and tell us all about them.
  5. Thought I'd post pic of my 3 babies
    Rally car on top changed a bit as I've just fitted new doors, wings, fibre bonnet, chrono visa body kit and other bits
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  6. Looks great mate! :Niceone:

    A nice bit of individuality brought to another of our office car parks! :Hooray:

    No getting lost in the sea of silver or black Insignias for us :Hooray:

    Why all pre-facelift 8th gens didn't come with clear indicator lenses beats me. Think it's a US thing and it belongs on the 2nd Generation TSX along with the Acura grille! :lol:
  7. Fully tricked out!
  8. That is such a nice colour, she looks in great condition
  9. She's certainly unique. Looks in great condition for a daily driver.
  10. She's looking good mate.
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