Daily Driver Owned by AytchTee

  • So far, totally stock. Am only planning on some better speakers and head unit. And maybe a different (EP3?) style tailpipe. Oh, and a clean engine bay and mechanicals; them being dirty just winds me up. As you can imagine, it's a fools errand but one I both enjoy and despise :Grin:
  1. Looks great, best colour and trim spec for these cars!
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  2. Imo best colour in the Civic ep range , them seats look very similar to the accord Type-S ?
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  3. Oooo my baby has a twin :Smile:

    She looks great. More pictures please :Smile:
    1. AytchTee Avatar
      I shall endeavour to get some more pics up at some point this week.
      AytchTee, Wednesday 27th May, 2015
  4. She looks in fine form. :Smile:
    I too share your need for a clean engine bay.
    It will be good to see how your mods go.