Daily Driver Owned by Timbell80

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    +K&n induction kit
    +Prospeed mid sport back box
    +Windows tinted rear limo, front light smoke
    +Carbon fiber bonnet wrap
  1. I know man, but I guess I post more on Facebook as it's easier, I don't really use forum for pictures only for news and events, and tips etc, il get a new pc and or laptop now and keep the forum updated also, sorry if I offended you in anyway that wasn't intended, your a good lad and have only positive things to say about you, anyway like I said il keep this updated, lots planned in early new year, not bhp as that's limited as you know with my car but appearance will be getting nicer ☺☺
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  2. Just a note that most people vote on the effort shown in their garage aswel as the look of your car. More photo's and updates in your project log to show new things you have done will help in the future for this kind of thing. If look at my project log I update with each new modification I have done which allows other members to see what you have done to make it your own.
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