Honda X-11
Owned by Maintenanceman

  • X-11 2001, made it to fit for me. Exhaust, intake, Power Commander, tuned on dyno, handle bar, levers, head light from Hornet with xenons, led tail light, under tray, can't remember all the mods i have done but i love it.
    Cans are Yoshimura`s again and mirrors are different since these photos were taken.
  1. Yeah, that was my previous work, atv`s, boat`s, bikes, snowmobiles, mopeds etc.
    Biggest Polaris and Derbi seller in Finland at some point, owner just got too much piss in his head and over looked customers. Nice if someone comes through the door and waits about 15 minutes and no one comes to as what he needs.
    All that kind of things, when money wasnt coming in anymore so much he had to save somewhere, raised the service fee from 65 to 79€ per hour and kicked me out from service.
    The reason why it was me was that i was the oldest, most experienced, most skill full and due those things most expensive worker (haha, my salary wasnt so good).
    It took three months, after i left, when the shop was in bankrupt.
  2. Nice one mate can I see some brand new ATV in boxes in the background ?
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