Honda Prelude 4th Generation Sebring Silver
Daily Driver Owned by Filipa

  • 10 years ago I had one the same model, same colour and same engine...for stupid reasons I didn't kept her...
    This car was a dream for me, if I will not be able to get any more car, I don't care...I already drove my dream car that's all!

    Found her with 47500 miles, bought last Saturday 13th February :Grin: First owners died and she was kept in the garage just seing road when was Mot time and to do the service, she is immaculated!

    I am happy! :Grin:


    Well it's been a long time since I updated my Lude, but apart from my radiator gone, just because I did hit a pothole and it opened a crack on the top that made the anti-freeze run trough the fan and did spread all over the engine bay (189£ for a new radiator, anti freeze and labour).
    Good that I always keep an eye for everything that can go wrong, and I was glad to see the vapour coming from the bonnet, before all anti freeze disappear :Wink:

    He still running smoothly, with 58400 miles on clock, basically I did 11000 miles since I bought it on 13 of February last year :Smile:

    End of the month will go for MOT, and will have the new wheels on with Nankang tyres, 215-45 17" ! Can't wait to see them rolling :Wink:
  1. Love the new alloys, they suit the car really well. What exactly are they?
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    1. Filipa Avatar
      Hi exec,

      17X8 with 215/45 tyres

      The model is Japan Racing JR15 :Smile: in Machined silver

      Thank you :Smile:
      Filipa, Thursday 27th Apr, 2017
  2. Just added some new pics but they are unavailable :Search:
    1. Nels Avatar
      There is an issue with pictures. Your new ones will show correctly by tomorrow.
      Nels, Monday 24th Apr, 2017
    2. Filipa Avatar
      Cheers!! I can see them already ☺☺
      Filipa, Tuesday 25th Apr, 2017
  3. She's a beauty Filipa. You're lucky to have her. Great photos too - very atmospheric, a lot of them and good to see plenty of the interior, which I always like.
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    1. Filipa Avatar
      Thank you!!
      I'm in love every single day!! :Wink:
      Filipa, Tuesday 3rd May, 2016
  4. Looks stunning for it's age, great fine @Filipa :Smile:
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    1. Filipa Avatar
      Thank you!! You're not the first saying that, sometimes I spot people around her when is parked on the supermarket or even at my work place.. and I try keep her always shine and with the interior clean and tidy :Wink:
      Filipa, Saturday 16th Apr, 2016
  5. [​IMG]





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    2. Filipa Avatar
      Thank you! And the place helps too!! :Grin:
      Filipa, Monday 11th Apr, 2016
    3. exec Avatar
      Why indeed, didnt spot all the vintage motors in the 5th pic!
      exec, Tuesday 12th Apr, 2016
    4. Filipa Avatar
      The name of this place is Brymbo Steel Works, or Brymbo Heritage in North Wales, the people around there are trying to improve de place a get some history pieces together :Smile: so they did an open day last Saturday, and one of the lads there just invited me to the meet of classic cars they usually do on the open day, well mine is not a classic yet, but I accepted!! :Wink:
      Filipa, Wednesday 13th Apr, 2016
  6. That is in fantastic condition and I bet it's running far better than most cars half its age. A great find @Filipa and now it's got it's 2nd loving owner.:Grin::congratulations:
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    1. Filipa Avatar
      Thank you!!

      I am really glad, she looks really clean even when is nearly end of the week when the dust comes over her...:Grin:
      I'm enjoying a lot having her as a daily :Wink:
      Filipa, Sunday 27th Mar, 2016
  7. Thank you all!! Still a baby with just 48k miles and nearly 24 years!!

    It's being a dream driving her every single day in my normal's just...a dream!! :Grin:
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  8. That looks like a cracker and I can't see any rust on it either :Yahoo:
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