Honda Legend
Daily Driver Owned by Rossi1001

  1. Beautiful and sumptuous. A marvellous car.
  2. I'm jealous...:Smile:

    Very nice. :congratulations:
  3. Beast, I can only imagine how lovely and wafty these are to cruise around in. :Wub:
  4. Just uploaded! Though these are all photos the supplying dealer / seller took. I have given it more of a clean and put in new mats since then but I need to take some new photos!
    1. legend-ary Avatar
      wow.. looks mint inside. must be nice driving around knowing people don't realize how awesome this car is
      legend-ary, Friday 19th Feb, 2016
    2. Rossi1001 Avatar
      It's very very clean inside, but to be fair aside from one knock on the right rear and the car needing a thorough clean and polish, the bodywork is also in very good condition for a car of this age. There are a few interior lights that have gone though, but I will fix these shortly.
      Rossi1001, Friday 19th Feb, 2016
  5. Good looking beast you have got there. any interior shots?
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