Honda Legend "Super-Handling AWD" KB2
Previously Owned Owned by partsoemru

  • This is my former legend that I served faithfully for almost 3 years!
    This flagship Honda Legend KB2 2009 series, previously was the owner of the previous body Honda legend KB1 and try to express in my beading what's the difference between KB1 and KB2 are actually a lot of them like some KB1 owners seem to know the essence of you need a machine disassemble to screws and collect back the same procedure done and to reystalingovoy version, but we will later, at the moment the car itself is rare in the spaces of our country, but it is one of the few Hondas with which the engineers worked on glory, the Honda Legend is the most fascinating sedan under the hood is a V6 VTEC 3.7-liter with variable valve timing power 309/6300 hp / rpm, torque - 370/5000 Nm / rpm is paired with a 5- Which speed automatic transmission adapts to the driver's style of driving.
    This machine is equipped with advanced automatic transmission Grade Logic Control and multi-link independent suspension all wheels of this equipment for the Russian market includes perforated leather seats, eight airbags with two-stage pumping. The driver's seat is equipped with 8 adjustable devices, including cushion, lumbar support, which is regulated manually. Car 2008 model year features a new platform, body design and a number of interesting technical solutions from the Honda company. The main innovation in this car is - a complete new generation of drive system called Super Handling All-Wheel Drive System. This system can not distribute the engine power is only between the front and rear axles in a proportion of 30:70 to 70:30, but also between the rear wheels at a ratio of 100: 0 to 0: 100. That is, if necessary, all the energy of the engine transmitted to the rear axle may then be transmitted in its entirety on one of the wheels. In this case, instead of a complex rear differential in the SH-AWD system uses a clutch, controlled by electronics.
    the appearance of Legend lures himself to his views, after you have moved a couple of steps, you like a magnet pulls to turn around and look at it again!
    About this machine, you can write for hours, but the name of the Legend speaks for itself, it's a Honda flagship where engineers have embodied the very latest technology at the time and are used to this day and are not outdated, this car is very worthy choice at the present time in relation money!

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    2.Vetroviki Mugen.
    3.Kovriki the salon.
    4.Kovrik in the trunk.
    6.Aksesuarny wheel.
    7.Spoyler trunk.

    Service History & Related Threads

    After owning several Honda legend for me, this car is very easy to maintain, in it, I know every bolt each Gadget!
  1. Now that is a lovely piece of kit. :Niceone:
  2. very impressive
  3. Vyglydet prilesna.
  4. Superb Legend.
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      partsoemru, Monday 24th Oct, 2016
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