Honda FR-V 2.2 i-CDTi EX
Daily Driver Owned by Sayonara Peugeot

  • Hi guys,
    I've been lurking on here for quite a while now gathering information! We had a Peugeot 1007 for running the grandchildren about which had two child seats permanently iso fixed in the back. They've now outgrown the Peugeot and a larger car with a larger boot for bikes and scooters etc was required to run them around. If this new car had six seats so much the better then we could all go out together with their mum and dad!

    So the search was on for the only option an FR-V! After three months searching and hundreds of miles travelling we finally found a late 2009 2.2 i-CDTi EX FR-V with 20500 miles on it. It was a trade in at a Toyota main dealer and came with a 12 month Toyota warranty.

    The clutch pedal started to squeak after six months and my local Toyota dealer greased it and sorted it out under warranty when it had it's MOT (I'm waiting now for it to comeback!). The only other thing I need to sort is the steering. It has that floaty feel at 70/80 on the motorway. It doesn't feel direct and you don't feel in control like you do in a more sporty car, maybe it's a product of the power steering not having a lot of feel? I have found on here that my nearest Hunter system is only 1.5 miles away so that will be my next step! Any idea how much it will cost? Apart from that and the soft paint it's running great. On long A road journeys it will do mid fifties to the gallon which is great but not so good on motorways. It's going to need some new tyres soon, is there any that are recommended? It's a very practical car, I've had a single bed in the back!

    Thanks for your help so far it's been invaluable.
  1. Nice car wow must be the lowest mileage FR-V around mines done 166k they are great family cars that really do look good
  2. The FR-V is a great family car and this one looks really good in silver, I have had 5 silver Hondas, great choice .
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