Honda elysion (not LaGreat)
Daily Driver Owned by sauliusagintas

  • Honda elysion
    RR3 VG J30A engine V6
    Aero HDD edition
    Black interior
    Both electric side doors
    Mugen lowered suspension
    18" alloy wheels
    Philips T10 extreme vision led
  1. Hi had my Elysion 10 mths it is very noisy I have been told that the noise is coming from the tyres but I'm not convinced I think it could be a wheel bearing but it has only done 23k any thoughts?
    1. sauliusagintas Avatar
      It may be tyres or bearing. Have a look on Google or YouTube how to check bearings.
      I had nissan elgrand and front wheel bearing gone and it made awful noise but not consistent . Because car was 4 wheel drive i thought it was transfer box. I decided to Disconnect front wheel shaft and investigate further but somehow spun the wheel and it wobbled. Replaced bearing and its done.
      Tyre noise can be solved by replacing them. It tyres are old and shity.
      Good luck.
      sauliusagintas, Saturday 20th May, 2017
  2. Have you sourced a stereo yet? Got one of those internavi premium club hdd efforts with a rear screen and can't do much on it at the moment. Wondering if you can put a DVB-T unit behind the hdd unit and use the existing antennas on the roof, plus swap out the DVD player for a PAL version.
    Any thoughts?
    1. sauliusagintas Avatar
      I haven't sorted dvd tv thing. I did put on YouTube video how to change time to uk. Here is the link

      I did put my elysion for sale, but if i was doing tv and screen installation i would personally rip all stock stereo out and put mine the way i want. As elgrand has double din unis in one place and it is easy to do the job. On other hand in elysion is pain in the ars. Screen on top controls in the middle and double din unit at the bottom.
      sauliusagintas, Thursday 2nd Mar, 2017
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  3. I chose LaGreat as on garage listings there is no elysion and no other models choice. I did contact member staff but no update

    After importing, registering and sorting all paperwork only couple of days ago i have started using it. On the clock it has 112k kms. I love this car. It is stylish very comfortable and quiet. Before i had Nissan Elgrand E51 and compare Honda is big difference on a good side.
    Im not planning to do any big mods but for now i have replaced front T10 bulbs with Philips extreme vision led and difference is huge and blends with hids nicely.
    I did undecorated and restored color with compound and sealant. Now it needs good interion cleaning and sorting stereo. This will happen in the future.
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    2. Linxmutis Avatar
      did you manage to sort out stereo, yet?
      Linxmutis, Saturday 3rd Jun, 2017
    3. sauliusagintas Avatar
      Stereo is a BIG question. I would like to rip everything out and install new.
      Mine doesn't have overhead screen and when i travel with kids longer trips its pain in the butt
      I have seen on Chinese elysion Facebook page someone done upgrade but no more info to share. I have idea to put single din over hdd unit. Originally there was option for dvd player but then its pain to press anything and t look at too.
      Now 6 months past of ownership and car still feels great. I'm happy chappy. I'll update
      sauliusagintas, Wednesday 7th Jun, 2017
    4. Alision Avatar
      Hi did you change the T10 yourself? I'm looking for guide to change mine, any help?.
      Alision, Friday 29th Jun, 2018
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