Honda CR-Z GT
Daily Driver Owned by CRzGTDan89

  • This is my beautiful car. She is my pride and joy. And a real head turner. I believe it to still be a relatively rare model, as I've not seen many about.
  1. Lovely car. Might be interested in buying one of these 2nd hand. Would like to hear what you think of buying and owning one?
  2. If there was an automatic version, I'd love to have one of these in my garage.

    A great looking exterior, funky interior, hybrid tech, Honda reliability and rarity. What more could anybody want? (apart from me wanting an automatic option :Tongue:)
  3. Accordheritage, that person is my girlfriend. She told me you wanted a CR-Z on here. She's a lovely ride, especially in 'sport' mode!
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  4. Very nice to get the CR-Z on site. I mentioned to someone I delivered to yesterday we need a CR-Z
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  5. Very nice CR-Z you have.
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  6. Hey Dan, welcome to Honda Karma.
    That's a smart ride you've got there

    Don't forget to introduce yourself - Community / Introduce Yourself
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