Honda CR-X ED9 1988
Previously Owned Owned by HondaRBy

  1. This is, according to me, a car that stands for 'Honda': light, driving pleasure, ahead in terms of technology, fun, fun, fun....
    I expected the CR-Z to be a bit like this, but that turned different !
    Must admit I started looking for one of this gen. Preference for the Vtec 1.6 engine.
  2. When I bought the CR-X, it was completely standard, except for the wheels. I then lowered the car with springs (gave it a drop of about 4 cm), added white/transparent turnsignals in the front bumper, had different mufflers over the years, ended up with a stainless steel one with 4 endtips (you can see that above.
    The CR-X began to rust (duh!) and therefor it needed a respray. Decided to switch colours. I'm a fan of blue, so looked for a nice colour and found this Nissan colour. Added spoilers at the back.
    When the car was white, I gave it the nickname "Casper", but when it was blue it got the name "Cookie" for Cookie Monster.... (just for laughs).
    The rims I never replaced, but I still think that should've been done... These Borbet 3-spokes are not the prettiest, I must admit.
  3. Good to see a set of photographs. Please tell us something about her history and colour change.
  4. @HondaRBy you're teasing us with only one photo of each of your cars and no descriptions or details :Smile:

    Please do tell us more about your cars