Honda CR-V
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  1. hi, I've seen that when tyre pressureis below 2,3 ( even on all 4 wheels) the light will come on, so I try to let about 2,4bar, probably the whell is less deforming during warming and the sistem will not advice pressure differences.
    ( sometimes in winter the tps light will activate after leaving the car with one side exposed to the sun and the other side not)
    I prefer not to disable the sistem,even if it is a little annoing,m maybe a sort of reprogramming the cpu for a more tollerant difference will solve the trouble ,but seems that Honda EU is not interested)
  2. Seems the issue is down to an external SAT NAV (Garmin) when plugged into the power socket, yes weird I know, I can't explain it and neither can the dealer, when the SAT NAV is disconnected there are no issues but when it is the Tyre Pressure light comes on, it won't happen straight away, it may take a couple of hours but it will come on. No issues using map navigation on the iphone which is also plugged in to the other power socket and yes I've tried switching sockets.
  3. That's strange that there has been no resolution by HUK and the dealer network informed?
    Poor performance but hey it's HUK after all.
    Hope you get it sorted.
    CR-V looks well in black. Hope you get to enjoy it as meant to be.
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  4. Standard tyres fitted, no replacements, no punctures, car is brand new...2 months old. Dealer tells me that a good few CR-Vs have come in lately with this problem. I was thinking of getting the Tyre pressure warning system disabled as it's so annoying.
  5. what tyres are fitted to the car? are they winter tyres or standard (as fitted by honda?) have you replace one recently? a large enough differance in tread depth between tyres on the same axel can cause a differance in rotational speed and cause the light to come on. honda have improved the software included in a update deliverd to dealers at the start of this month which addresses problems with supporting non OE tyres. make sure your honda dealer sends a TESS track about your vehicle and gets honda technical involved. this will ensure even if the dealer is useless, honda technical will point them in the right direction.
  6. Davebabs, create a thread in the forum for your tyre pressure issue, you can use this link Generation-2013/create-thread
  7. Tyre Pressure warning light keeps coming on, dealer has reset multipe times even updated the software on the ECU but light still comes on after a few days. Dealer is stumped.....anyone any ideas
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