Honda CR-V 1st Generation
Daily Driver Owned by bigbezz

  • So far I have refurbished alloys from scabby silver to gloss black,added longer mudguards,upgraded the stereo,touched up the paintwork a little,more to come!!!.
  1. wheels do look better in black
  2. i did the same ,now shod with general grabber tyres on the original 15 inch alloys, so far the tyres have been good
  3. Had a '96 in Spanish Rose Pearl really loved the car and it did very well by us, as the family grew it had to go but still miss it. Just keep the rear diff fluid changed or it will start moaning at you. Yours is looking good hope it does well by you.
  4. Liking this a lot. Same colour as mine, and I've been having similar thoughts.

    Other priorities just now, though.

    Nice work!
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  5. Looks good.Liking the colour a lot.
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  6. when purchased had silver wheels,they were in poor condition so i stripped them back and painted them gloss black,took 9 hours after work over three nights,but i think they came out good :Smile: