Honda Civic VTI-S
Previously Owned Owned by Dave

  • My old Civic.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Eibach Lowering Springs
    Smoked side repeaters
    K&N Cone Filter
    Rover 200 Trafficmaster Clock
    195 50 vr15 tyres
  1. Fantastic condition mate, she looks like she was really well maintained.
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  2. :Whistle::Icecream::clap: Beautiful why does your tourer look like that !! LOl just joking.
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  3. She look great Dave. How long did you have her?
    1. Dave Avatar
      Erm I think about 6-7 years I can't honestly remember now :Frown:
      Dave, Wednesday 12th Nov, 2014
  4. Gorgeous condition for the mileage - I assume she still runs beautifully too?
    1. Dave Avatar
      She was really tidy I sold it at 196k ish to a lad at work he then ran it for 4 years and it cost him virtually nothing to run (I sold it to buy my Tourer) he's now just a few weeks ago sold it on. I have to admit I was tempted to buy it back he only wanted £500 for it but it wasn't as tidy and wanted paintwork etc.
      Dave, Wednesday 12th Nov, 2014