Honda Civic Shuttle Beagle 1995 JDM
Previously Owned Owned by numpty67

  • Bought this to replace a UK Civic Shuttle.
  1. Nice. Love the two tone paint on these.
    1. numpty67 Avatar
      I really like these, the perfect car for my needs, not too big, but big enough for the dog etc. Plus it was 4wd and automatic. It actually ran well enough but it needed so much doing to it to get it right. It had been broken into, the drivers' window was smashed and both locks and the steering lock were all damaged, nearly every panel had a ding in it, the interior, however, was perfect.
      numpty67, Thursday 8th Mar, 2018
  2. You sold already or not yet?
    Could you tell more info about problems, and missing/required parts?
    Because I have a Beagle too, but it's a left hand drive type in Hungary.
    I don't want to bring to UK my car, but I would like buy another one.
    1. numpty67 Avatar
      Sorry, sold it on ebay about 18 months ago.
      numpty67, Saturday 6th Dec, 2014
  3. The Volvo advert comes to mind Boxy but good. Those bullbar would have been illegal in this country won't they?
    1. numpty67 Avatar
      Not sure about the bullbar to be honest, it had a valid MOT but not sure if that has anything to do with it or not.
      numpty67, Tuesday 7th Oct, 2014
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