Honda Civic Hatchback EE9 VTEC 1991
Previously Owned Owned by HondaRBy

  1. You clearly know your way around Honda cars. :Niceone:
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  2. Er.... I tink about 4 years.
  3. How long did you own her for?
  4. More pictures.... I have a few crappy ones (just like this one) ...
    When I bought her, she was in a pretty bad state; paint (yeah, red...) was faded, had a bit of rust (not too much) and was pretty much standard. Even had steelies, if I'm not mistaken. I had her completely resprayed in the original color, lowered it (springs), added some 15" rims, had a different chip put in (higher rev limit, a bit more aggressive in VTEC), and much more small stuff.... I had an aluminium wing at one point.... Let me see what pics I can post here ...
  5. Any more pictures? Tell us more about her.
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