Honda Accord
Daily Driver Owned by Mikeyspell

  • It's a 2.2 i-CTDi and my daily driver being the executive its absolule fully loaded sat nav / voice command/ electric heated seats the list is endless really are great cars.loving how cheap they are to run getting 50mpgs and £145 a year tax what more do you want :Smile:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Since owning the car the only mods are wind deflectors/ lowerd 35mm on apex spring and a few personal touches.the only things to do are full window tints maybe a rear window spoiler?? And polish the hell out of it :Grin:

    Service History & Related Threads

    Unfortunatly not a full service history but there's enough.the car runs absolutly faultless.only had it a year but serviced twice already by myself and I always service and repair my own cars and always use genuine parts and do it twice a year to keep it running as it should.
  1. Also a lover of the colour coded grill, not sure how that would work on blue if I stole it too! :Grin:
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    2. Jasper254 Avatar
      For some reason the '=' has been removed from the link, try copying and pasting!
      Jasper254, Sunday 5th Apr, 2015
    3. Mikeyspell Avatar
      Found it! Yeah I love them euro r grills a lot of money though :Frown: don't see many second hand ones about for sale
      Mikeyspell, Sunday 5th Apr, 2015
    4. Jasper254 Avatar
      My thoughts exactly, better scrape the pennies together!
      Jasper254, Sunday 5th Apr, 2015
  2. More pics needed mikey
  3. Looks a beast mikey:gohonda:
  4. Thanks for the comments the wheels are 18" team dynamics with 225/40/18 tyres the spoiler is a genuine Honda one.still can't make my mind up on the smoked rear lights???
    1. Nighthawk Avatar
      I personally don't like the smoked lights but she looks great lowered.
      Nighthawk, Wednesday 1st Apr, 2015
    2. Nighthawk Avatar
      I love the colour coded grill. Might have to pinch that idea from you. Lol
      Nighthawk, Wednesday 1st Apr, 2015
  5. Wow really nice car.
    Love the grille, ,spoiler alloys, , what's not to like.
    Everything looks really good on your car.
  6. @Mikeyspell !! She's a stunner why you been hiding her from us ? LOL
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