Honda accord
Weekend Toy Owned by saulenas

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    Upgrade 19 inch wheels. Tinted windows. lowered suspension. Some mods on engine.

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  1. Sveikas, as planuoju taip pat perprogramuoti ECU savo masinai. kaip tavo masina reguoja I perprogramavima, jokiu problem su TC?
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    1. saulenas Avatar
      sveikas. Viskas ok bet dpf šalink ir egr isprogramuok. Db turiu apie 250bhp. jautrumas jaučiamas stiprus.
      saulenas, Saturday 26th Nov, 2016
    2. Nels Avatar
      Guys, please stick to English on this site.
      Nels, Friday 9th Jun, 2017
  2. Got any more photo's bro?

    By the way you got a printout for your map as think is unlikely it's running 250bhp these plug in map blokes promise the world but if take it on a rolling road you will find you might have gained 10bhp not 50 or more like they say you will get sorry to say :Frown:
    1. saulenas Avatar
      Yes I have lots photos I'm not have any rolling yet. But I believe in that map. In first place been 221bhp but after I done more after dpf remove and delete egr. They said shut be around 247~250 max. But on roll could be less. Best wishes after show up for roll test I believe bro
      saulenas, Tuesday 6th Sep, 2016
  3. Next mod on the way is coilovers made by bilstein. Wahooo
  4. Engine looking stock. Just program converting in to beast mode as shut be. By the way I sort out egr noise. Change that pipe which make so many problems.
  5. In near future will go for coilovers. bit expensive mod but good for handling on fast run. and I go for stainless steel exhaust
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  6. Remapped to 250 bhp. egr deleted. still going on some mods but before needs sorting out egr cooler noise.
  7. Do share what the engine mods are and load a few more pictures, Welcome to HK buddy.