Honda Accord V6 Coupe
Daily Driver Owned by stonesfan

  • 1999 Honda Accord 3.0 V6 Coupe

    75,000 miles
    Full Honda Dealer Service History
    Owned by myself for four years
  1. Wish they made this variant with a manual. My 2.0i was fantastic until the central locking packed in and the doors all jammed locked. A 3 litre manual would be a very good sleeper.
  2. Well kept Accord Coupe. I was considering getting this model at some point.
  3. Love these Accord Coupes. She looks well looked after. Never had the pleasure of driving one bet she's a fun drive.
  4. She looks fantastic - always liked the shape of the coupe
  5. She's a real beauty, looks in fantastic condition :clap:
  6. Stunning Coupe there @stonesfan. Big fan of those leathers
  7. Lovely Accord Coupe! Love the interior.
  8. Oh she looks truly immaculate for the age, props on maintaining her so well.
    1. stonesfan Avatar
      Thanks for the kind comments. Yep, have taken it to the main dealers in Ruislip every year and they do look after it well. It may be on the market soon though.
      stonesfan, Wednesday 15th Oct, 2014