Honda Accord Type-S
Daily Driver Owned by sawf1

  • My first Honda! I've always wanted to get an Accord Type-R but they are just so rare to find in good condition, so when I came across this Type-S I had to have it. The mix of luxury and performance can't be beaten. I will upload a few better pictures once its had a clean and see if my photography skills can do it justice.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Littlebo Re-flash

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    Fully stamped book, but very little in the way of receipts.
  1. A great find there @sawf1.
    Keep us updated via the Project Log tab.
  2. That looks like a very well kept example. Well done!
  3. Looks good mate, my second favourite colour for the Accord. Pop along to our introduce yourself section and tell us a bit about you and your car.

    Looking forward to more pictures