Honda Accord Tourer 2.0 Auto Executive CM1
Weekend Toy Owned by Busa1340r

  1. She does look superb, a very good find I'd say. Very nice colour and wheel combination, too :clap:
  2. Just over 30,000 miles on her, borne out (as far as I can tell) by service history, repair receipts,previous MOT mileage, HPI check that I did on day of purchase and overall condition for age.
    Paid a small premium over going rate for low mileage and condition but also got upper end of book price for Civic PX.

    Today I did do......
    Vacuum out and fit new hatchbag load space liner
    Fitted decent set locking wheel nuts
    Located and purchased a second hand spacesaver and slung out the tin'o'shoit.
    Loaded the changer wiv some banging choons

    Off for a run into the Welsh countryside tomorrow.......
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  3. Now that looks like a proper clean CM1, superb.
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  4. She looks brand new !! It's evident that there's been plenty of TLC expended on her.
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  5. Looks like well looked after car.
    Congrats and enjoy.
  6. She looks in fine form Andy and only our 2nd G516P 7th Generation. :Thumbup:
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