Honda Accord Sport
Daily Driver Owned by j.clifton.123

  • My favourite model because:
    1. best fuel efficiency compared to the other engine options (iCTDI engines had some issues, & i didn't quite like the hybrid either - sorry!)
    2. the last hatchback model (main reason that kept me away from getting a newer car!)
    3. more than enough power that can be legally used on the roads
    4. looks very smart with the sporty trim
    5. the metallic black, to me at least seems to be the best looking colour on this car.
    6. been driving it for years now - simply wonderful - no demands except for tyres, oil & filter - changed the cambelt once (that was the most expensive job i've ever had to do on this car for £300 or so!)

    what more can i say? i think it speaks for itself - brilliant car!!
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