Honda Accord CC71993
Previously Owned Owned by HondaRBy

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    lowered it with Bilstein adjustables
    18" Tenzo R wheels
    BMW Z3 3rd brakelight built into the trunklid
    different mirrors
    blacked out the windows
    leather interior
  1. A sad ending. I had a CC7 for 9 years. She was a great car for her time. Another example of Honda excellence. :Drinks:
  2. I agree, Nels. The rear spoiler was something that didn't stay long.... At first I thought it would look good, but after a while I got rid of it. In the end, before I sold it, it looked like it does on the black Tenzo-R wheels. The new owner didn't have it that long, before it "died"... A rather big accident (not his fault) totalled it... It's sad. for I think this was really one of my best looking rides.
  3. I'm not a fan of the rear spoiler, but a unique CC7 you had there.
  4. Oops! it should say CC7, not CC9... I'll post some more pics.
  5. Got any more pictures?