Honda Accord 2010 i-dtec AT
Previously Owned Owned by m3z0

  • Accord with quite a low mileage for used year 2010 diesel.
    It had only (jun 2015) 48 000 kilometres when I bought it and now it has (oct 2015) 67000 km's driven.
    Car is with Elegance pack (Finland).

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Additional equip
    • DEFA 230V electrical engine heater + cabin heater
    Light mod
    • fog lights (H11) - not accepted for traffic use in Finland :Frown:
    • led door lights(T10)
    • led driving lights (T10) - not accepted for traffic use in Finland :Frown:
    • additional/dyi eagle eye led's in trunk (see pics)
    • led license plate lights (T10)
    • Map lights, door lights, sun visor lights => Led
    • Footwel light mod (holes drilled to plastic covers)
    • chrome fog light covers
    • Honda OEM mud guards(Winter in Finland is killing your car if you are not prepared for it)
    • and some funny stickers

    Service History & Related Threads

    2016-01 Service
    • 80000km
    • Service code AB2
    • no faults or other issues
    2015-10 Mandatory annual vehicle inspection
    • no fault indications or defectes
    • 67000km
    2015-10 Winter tyres installed
    • 16" Nokia Hakkapeliitta with spikes
    • aftermaket rims
    2015-09 Service
    • 60000km
    • service code AB8
  1. This car is sexy wrapped in black
  2. You kept her really well @m3z0.
    Your new tourer is very lucky to have such a good owner.
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  3. Damn! Car fever! I owned my current Accord sedan only about eight months and now I'm looking for Accord tourer.
    1. m3z0 Avatar
      sedan changed to Tourer! :Smile: information and pics coming soon...
      m3z0, Sunday 20th Mar, 2016
  4. Hi,

    Added couple pictures more.
    Yes I changed fog light bulbs to H11 LEDs. If you want good light I think the HID is better than LED.
    I bought these from ebay
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  5. Love to see some more pics of your car.
  6. Hi m3z0 !
    We have the same spec (Elegance). I'm from Belgium.
    I noticed from the picture you changed the fog lights. So have put H11-LEDs in them.
    I was thinking/hesitating on changing the fog lights also, but doubted between HID (xenon) or LED. LED has the advantage to be quite simple (just change the bulbs). But: are they bright enough with LED?
    Also: what did you buy and where? Anything online?
    Please add some more pics....
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