Honda 1st Generation Japanese import
Daily Driver Owned by Ad_Mc

  • Has chrome bull bar, front fog lights, chrome door mirror covers, bonnet mirror, rear tints, window trims, tow bar and alloys.
    Has original Honda picnic table and cassette player :hungry: :Drums:
  1. I've uploaded some new pics. Seems the advert pic was of a different car possibly, as the bumper's different . Doesn't matter, I didn't even notice at the time! The mirror that was ripped off has now been replaced with a chrome one to match the door mirrors. Two of the wind deflectors are cracked (thanks neighbours) so I've removed them and will get new all round.
    If anyone knows where I can buy full size deflectors, please let me know !
    I'm planning to get the front and back bumpers plus the side strips on the doors sprayed body panel colour. Also need to spray the black bit on the bullbar where the CR-V logo is.

    Finally ( ? ) will polish the alloys.
    Will take more pics when I've cleaned the masking tape etc from the inside passenger footwell :Wink:
  2. A JDM 1st Generation CR-V wow , love to see more pictures.
    1. Ad_Mc Avatar
      This was the pic from the advert when I bought the car, so will take more as soon as it's back from the garage :Smile:
      Ad_Mc, Friday 7th Oct, 2016
  3. Thanks !
    Only thing missing in the pic are the chrome door mirror covers.
  4. That looks a well kept example @Ad_Mc :Thumbup: