Harvey's Generac HP2500FF Honda powered generator
Generator Owned by Harvey

  • This generator was purchased over 18 months ago directly from a seller who had advertised it on Ebay for £100 cash. I promptly took it home from Cannock Chase. It had been standing around for a few years prior to me getting it, at least so I am told, it was purchased and hardly used.
    When I got it home i got it started on the stale fuel that was still in the tank, and although it smelled pretty bad it ran great. Unfortunatly though it didnt make any electricity, which I was told that it was 100% working. So after packing it away for 18 months I dug it out again.
    I took it to a repair shop for 2 stroke engines and chainsaws, who then sent it off to their specialist in Wrexham. They said that it was all burned out inside ( I don't believe them do be honest, as I've had the back off it myself and none of it looks burned.
    So I took a chance and ordered two new motor run capacitors (as its a capacitor controlled brushless alernator)
    I fitted one and after some tinkering the machine started to produce electrcity again after so long. I have even run a 2kw electric heater off this gen set and it ran brilliantly.
  1. Well done.! Very handy machine to have.
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      Thanks and indeed it is. I use it fairly regularly, especially when I strim the alley next to my house save dragging multiple extension leads out.
      Harvey, Monday 1st Aug, 2016
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      Thanks mate
      Harvey, Monday 22nd Jun, 2015
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