Harvey's EB1500x generator
Generator Owned by Harvey

  • I acquired this generator on 24/7/17 from a nice gentleman called Roger who had sold it on eBay.
    I had bid on it as it was listed as spares and repairs, I intended to use it as parts to repair an EG1500x generator that I already own, but is in rough shape and in need of an engine overhaul, I was intending to use the engine from this for the other unit.

    As it transpired I did not win the auction, finding myself outbid at the last second, looking it at £36, however I messaged the seller and asked him to let me know if the winning bidder fails to show up or pay for the machine. Well blow me down, he did. Telling me that the winning bidder failed to contact him or show up.

    I drove to stoke to collect and paid him the money. His story was that he acquired it in a shed that he had bought in Spain and had the engine checked out after it had sat for years. The engine worked and Roger proceeded to try and make the Spanish plug fit in the UK 240v blue socket, wandering why the tools didn't work. So it sat for another year up until he brought it home.
    And sold it on eBay.

    When I got it home I checked the oil which was fine, but it stank of old fuel. Either way put fresh fuel in, switched it on and pulled the starter. She fired on the second pull.

    The engine did not run very well and cut out when the choke was turned off. But either way I ran it like that for a few minutes. Attached a light which worked immediately.

    So my £35 generator is saved from the scrap.

    The replacement carb arrived today in the post (28/07/17) which got fitted and the old one taken off for stripping down and rebuilding. I now have an empty paint tin which I am planning on getting some carb and parts cleaner and let them soak with new gaskets and seals set to arrive soon.

    I've run the machine with a variety of tools and it hasn't really broken a sweat. My 240v worklight a 2kw heater set on the 1kw setting, 750w grinder and a 350w strimmer.

    I've also given it a brand new spark plug and changed the oil for some nice 10w40 Mobil one semi synthetic
  1. Well that was a good buy!
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      It was indeed, alot better than my last £35 Generator which had a duff engine. I have just ordered a new carb for this and should be all sorted then. Will keep the orig one and rebuild it.
      Harvey, Thursday 27th Jul, 2017
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