Harvey's Dad's 2012 Honda CR-V
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  • May I proudly present my fathers recently purchased Honda CR-V 4th generation. This I think is an EX-T model It was registered in late 2012 so nearly a 2013 CR-V. It is finished in a rather lush passion pearl metalic paint
    The CR-V features a rather beautifully apointed cabin, complete with heated leather seats, built in sat nav and mp3 player, multi speaker system including subwoofer, dual zone climate control, reversing camera and parking sensors. Outside has the 18" alloy wheels.
    She also features a genuine Honda retractable tow bar and euro electrics.

    Power drivers seat.
    Keyless Entry
    Power Tailgate
    Glass roof
    are a number of things I have forgotten to add

    on another note, it seems that I have managed to teach an old dog at least some new tricks in the form of getting him to use my snow foam to pre wash his car.
    I think he had fun with it and I kinda made too much so did my car as well.
  1. Ha, ha. Snow foaming is fun!
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      it certainly is, and I think I even got the old bugger to smile
      Harvey, Thursday 27th Oct, 2016
  2. Smashing CR-V. I'm sure your father must be very happy with his new toy!
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      Indeed he seems to be very smitten with her. He was talking about trading it in in 3 years when he got it, now he isn't sure and don't think he wants to. I think he also loves how good on fuel it is for a big heavy car. Over 50mpg compared to his old espace, which barely saw 30mpg from the same size engine.
      Harvey, Wednesday 15th Jul, 2015
  3. Very nice. Congratulations! :Thumbup:

    What you look to have there is a 4th Generation rather than a 3rd Generation (2012 was the year of the change) in "Passion Red Pearl."

    It is (rightly) a very popular colour - in the 2014MY brochure I have, all the shots are of CR-Vs in that colour :Smile:

    She must be an EX grade I think - the very top of the CR-V range - as she has full leather. She should also have a power driver seat, glass roof, electric tailgate and keyless entry to name but a few features!
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      Thanks @FirstHonda, she indeed has all of those features. as well as Electric folding mirrors, which is another thing I forgot.
      Harvey, Sunday 21st Jun, 2015