Harvey's 7th Generation Accord Executive 2 litre
Daily Driver Owned by Harvey

  • I purchased this car on the 17/12/16 to replace my 6th generation Accord (which is also in the garage section) as I had grown tired of chasing rust related issues with the car, even though I loved it to bits, it was time to move on.

    I traded it in for this fine motor.

    I arrived at about 11:30am to test drive the car, and while I did so, I couldn't stop grinning as the car was smooth, quiet, comfortable and fast. Having checked it over with an HPI check, which it passed all the tests with the chassis number, logbook number and all of that I was certain there wouldn't be any major issues.

    Of course I had to show off to my mum, who wasn't far from where I bought the car from and even she liked it a lot, saying it had a lovely shape and it was very posh and like I had moved up in the world and glad it wasn't a BMW.

    So far I am absolutely loving this car, but I have a few little niggles that I would like to address.

    1st off, there is only one key, though I do have the remote fob part of the second key, but no key blade.
    2nd, sticking with keys, while the drivers door lock does work, it only seems to operate that door and no others, and the same for the door pin on that door. yet if I used the remote fob, all doors unlock. When I do use the key on that door, it sets the alarm off!
    3rd thing, the reverse parking sensors do not seem to be working correctly, which I may or may not try to fix.


    I've had this car for something like 3 weeks now and I will say this I am still loving it, its an absolutely brilliant car to drive and all of my family members think the same.

    With that out of the way I have managed to work out, with the help of people on here that some of my faults where not faults at all, particularly with the key and alarm system which was niggle number 2.

    I now have a spare key for the car, which starts it and opens all the doors as it should, though it is not a Honda branded one. The parking sensors do work like they are supposed to be but it seems that somethings they get abit exited. The latest thing though is that I didn't realise that my car came with headlight washers, which at the time did not work. I discovered that the pump had been damaged in a prior collision and never repaired, the bottle simply being plugged up to stop washer fluid from leaking out. With a new used pump all is well here, with now the exception that I discovered the bumper beam is badly corroded and in need of a replacement. The dealer has been emailed and I will await a response from them to see if they will cover the cost of the part through their warranty.

    Today I have added some new headlight bulbs, some Osram Night breakers in place of the GE 50% brighter bulbs, which have now been relegated to main bream. I must say that they light up the road alot better than the previous bulbs I had in there! I have spoken to a local garage who does MOT and he said he would check the headlight beam for me, as I am sure they are pointing at the ground. I will get that done at some point in the near future.


    A little late in terms of adding stuff to this log, but about 2 weeks ago I did an engine oil service on the Grey Ghost, as well as added an ebay special lip spoiler to at least tidy the back end up a little.


    Its been a while since I've updated this, but I have done a little bit of work to be beloved Honda, in the form of replacing a bumper bar that was pretty much non existant due to severe rust issues.

    I have also sourced a replacement rear bumper, that is awaiting the funds to get it repaired and sprayed, while at the same time I have sourced and had sprayed a replacement front bumper, which now matches the rest of the car and looks spot on. and along side that fitted new Falken ZE914 tyres to my new 17" Enkei wheels that came from an 8th Generation Accord, and I got on ebay for £100

    Next on the list is get the back bumper sprayed and then fit some genuine Honda reverse parking sensors.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    reverse parking sensors
    Osram Night breaker H1
    Nextbase 312WG dashcam
  1. 7th Generation Accords are fabulous cars. I'm pleased you are enjoying yours.
    Now you can see why I kept mine for 10 years :Wink:

    I'm sure you'll soon have everything on her working well and she'll be pampered just like your previous 6th Generation. :vtec:
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    2. Harvey Avatar
      Well, I've only used them a couple of times so far, since they now work. What I will miss though is that every car I've owned from when I passed my test, has had a sunroof! But with each passing car getting more luxurious.
      Harvey, Tuesday 10th Jan, 2017
    3. Nels Avatar
      Me too, ever since 1985!
      Nels, Tuesday 10th Jan, 2017
    4. Harvey Avatar
      I was born in '85!

      1st car, 1992 Pug 205, key feature, sunroof (4 speed manual, 1124cc manual carb, manual steering and everything else)
      2nd car 1996 Pug 106, key features ,sunroof central locking, airbag
      3rd car 1996 Vauxhall Astra, key features, sunroof (manual tilt and slide), PAS, airbags, electric front windows, electric mirrors, central locking
      4th car 2000 Honda Accord, key features. Sunroof! (electric) everything else Electric, PAS. ABS
      5th Car, this one! Lots of toys!
      Harvey, Tuesday 10th Jan, 2017
  2. Congratulations @Harvey

    Looks a lovely 7th Generation. Hope it's easy to sort the issues.
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      Thanks @John Dickson , I do need to update this a little as most of the issues turned out not to be issues. Except the key, in which I got a spare cut, but the headlight washers don't work, so got a new pump on the way
      Harvey, Wednesday 4th Jan, 2017
  3. Looks great, a worthy successor to your 6th Generation and hopefully with none of the issues. Do you have any plans for it?
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      Cheers mate. Yes I have plans for it, namely a few repairs to scuffed bumpers. Hopefully an exhaust and change of wheels to 17" and maybe a spoiler or lip spoiler.
      Harvey, Tuesday 3rd Jan, 2017
  4. Great looking car you have found!
    And i agree with your mom, glad it isn't a BMW. :Grin:
  5. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - of all the generations of Accord I find the 7th to be the best looking, certainly the best proportioned.

    That looks like a fine example @Harvey :likeit::GoodJob::congratulations:
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      quite right too, I liked the look of them when I first saw one a few years ago and wanted one then. I ended up buying my 6th Generation as I liked the look of that too, and it was in my price bracket. Its a good example, although it has suffered a few battle scars, scuffs and scrapes and the front bumper has had a biff on the drivers side and a scrape on the passenger side, which looks like either someone tried to paint it or clean it with a brillo pad.
      Harvey, Monday 19th Dec, 2016
  6. :jumpup::jumpup::jumpup:
    So glad,it's just what you wanted.
    I think Timpsons usually in Asda or Morrison can make a new key and as you have the remote part that may be easier give them a try.
    As for the locking issues(not sure about this) but is there a button on the drivers door control panel which locks and unlocks the doors can't remember it been a while since I was in mine.
    TLC and enjoy it.:Grin:
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      I've ordered a replacement key blade and fob off ebay and will probs get a local key cutters to cut it and then swap over the gubbins.
      Harvey, Monday 19th Dec, 2016
    2. MickyB Avatar
      Did the accident damage not show up on the hpi check.?
      MickyB, Sunday 8th Jan, 2017
    3. Harvey Avatar
      must have been unrecorded mate, and to be honest it looks more like a low speed nudge than anything more serious, it was enough to put an impression of the square crumple thingy in the bumper skin and that's about it. Trouble is, its is so compact under there that it would be easy for the pump to get broken.

      And No, the HPI check didn't show it had been crashed or written off, nor did the log book.
      Harvey, Sunday 8th Jan, 2017
  7. Nice 7th Generation EX. Looks in mint condition. Congrats on your purchase. Hope you get the minor issues sorted with ease.
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      Thanks very much. While it looks mint on the surface due to photos, there are several scuffs and scratches.which will get polished out.
      Harvey, Monday 19th Dec, 2016
  8. Welcome to the 7th Generation gang :mosh:
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      Thanks mate.
      Harvey, Sunday 18th Dec, 2016
  9. mate glad to see her up looks nice...
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    2. andy83 Avatar
      k20 smooth running
      andy83, Sunday 18th Dec, 2016
    3. Harvey Avatar
      Yes, and no need to worry about a timing belt either as its chain driven.
      Harvey, Sunday 18th Dec, 2016
    4. andy83 Avatar
      that why me happy to have my stream mate even tho she over 171,000
      andy83, Sunday 18th Dec, 2016