Weekend Toy Owned by Tris

  1. Love it, but I believe you should garage it underneath 'Civic 4th Generation.', not 'other models'.
  2. Hi Tris,
    Looks v clean mate, love it. Obviously still in the CR-X game, I do still pine after my old one. You still in guz?
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    1. Tris Avatar
      Yes mate still here : ) I do have fond memories of yours and the stunning RAYS wheels. Sold this one now unfortunately keeping my open for another classic though.
      Tris, Friday 5th Oct, 2018
  3. Evening Andy. What sort of info are you after bud?

    Approx 85000 Miles however alot of this was in KM before the clocks were altered so it is in fact much less. No rust at all I am the second UK owner since import and it has always been dry stored. Unusual as it is a White Glassroof. It started life as a Black SiR but prior to Import was changed to White in Japan. Al paperwork reflects white on import & I have all import documents here.

    When I bought the car it had coilovers and JDM wheels. I wanted it completely stock again so I have sourced OEM wheels which were sandblasted and then painted, sourced original suspension and now she is back to OEM pretty much, bumpers were sprayed this week and I am slowly restoring it as time allows. Being an SiR it has power steering & Aircon! Intent to get the AC regased soon once I refit it all. Initially I removed it all but I will be refitting this in the coming weeks. Original B16A engine but sadly no LSD but I have my eyes open for one if any pop up. Heading for MOT soon at present it remains SORN. Completely re-undersealed the car this week in preparation for MOT soon. Just a few niggles to sort out & I hope to take it down. I have replaced all bearings/bushes/balljoints. Just tracking to sort on completion of the MOT.

    I will post a few more pictures asap mate.
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    1. andy83 Avatar
      mate all sounds very good she look tidy and sounds in good condition, i'm sure if you want fit an LSD one will turn up in time also I think it nice that you want put it as stock and white seems to stand out bet she would look good at car shows and sounds like you got her well prepped for MOT...
      andy83, Wednesday 23rd Aug, 2017
  4. nice CR-X mate you got more pic's mate and some info please..
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