GavTS Accord SE
Daily Driver Owned by GavTS

  • Just picked up my first Honda, its an Accord 2002 1.8 SE, its quite high mileage @148K but still feels drum tight. Having never owned a Honda before I fairly impressed, the build quality is 2nd to none its the highest mileage car I've ever owned but it doesn't feel like it. I've had a fiat with 35K on the clock and it felt like is was on its last legs. But the Accord with 148K feels like it could do twice that.
    Its quite a strange spec, it has leather and A/C, I don't think the leather is original to the car as all the other leather models I've seen come with Climate Control and front fogs correct me if I'm wrong.

    Overall the car is good condition bar the boot lid it has really bad lacquer peal and a previous owner tried to repair himself but I manage to source a new boot from a scrappy and its getting fitted this week, other than that I plan to fit front fogs, leather steering wheel and a Type-R gear knob. So be I may 1 or 2 stupid questions :Wink:
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