Freed Hybrid
Daily Driver Owned by alakamran

  1. Liking the lovely large car port :Thumbup:

    And you actually have deep green grass too, how do you keep that in that condition in Karachi ?
    1. alakamran Avatar
      the secret recipe is
      proper watering of garden, lots of sun light and lots of care, this sure will keep the grass lush green. that doesnt mean we waste the water, we just manage it properly.

      so how do you like this Freed by the way? any experience of it? i have so many questions in my mind of its functions but don't know whom to ask. i even downloaded its owners manual of 259 pages but unfortunately its in Japanese language. being administrator, can you guide me a bit?
      alakamran, Wednesday 5th Oct, 2016
  2. Further pics uploaded!
  3. thanks for the compliments guys!!
    upload only one pic in a hurry, will upload more pics in a day or two.
    bought it a week ago after quite a search, in-fact swap it with my 11th Generation Corolla 1.8 (Pakistan assembled)

    its 2013 Honda Freed Hybrid 1500cc (7 seater)
    it has a exhaust muffler (GTbox) and remote start system of Honda access. will upload pics.
    also owns a landcruiser too, don't know if i should upload its pics or not
    1. legend-ary Avatar
      Sounds fantastic. You can post photos of the cruiser in General/Offtopic
      legend-ary, Monday 3rd Oct, 2016
    2. alakamran Avatar
      and how that would be done?
      sorry for the inconvenience but i am bit new here, i am sure u would love to see the pics, if you are a outdoor enthusiasts
      alakamran, Monday 3rd Oct, 2016
  4. Wow. That looks slick. More pictures and details pls
  5. That looks cool @alakamran ! Would love to see more pics of this please.
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