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  • Bought my FR-V in april 2018, month ago /at the time of this writing/ so not much to write about. It is an Executive version with a light leather interior. Unfortunately the AC compressor is a bit seized so it needs some attention and the CD changer not work. Otherwise all is fine and well Engine K20 pulls very well. AVG fuel consumption about 7,5 Ltr/Km. But no problem to drive up to 9-10 :Frown: So I am thinking of LPG conversion.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Apart of additional lights - 2x 55W, I drive a lot at nights, no modifications. As mentioned I,d will probably go LPG, and the next week a pull bar will get put on.
  1. WOW, some great photo's you have there
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  2. 2018 modifications:
    window deflectors
    LED lightbulb for fog lights, additional lights, numberplate
    tow bar
    sold the original Honda rims R16 6J ET55 and got 2 sets of AL wheels R16 7J ET40 - winter and summer
    2018 work done:
    front brake disks + pads, rear pads and shoes, hand brake
    gearbox oil + LM additive
    PS fluid replacement
    airbag recall sorted out
    plans for 2019:
    rear camber kit
    new floor rugs
    drive belt replacement
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