FR-V Sport 2.0 I-VTEC
Daily Driver Owned by richb87

  1. A great practical family car.
    Keep us posted about the LPG conversion if you have it done.
    1. richb87 Avatar
      Sounds great, thanks :Smile:
      richb87, Tuesday 14th Jul, 2015
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    2. richb87 Avatar
      Have you had the LPG yet?
      richb87, Tuesday 14th Jul, 2015
    3. SpeedyGee Avatar
      Not done the LPG yet, I've been too busy with @DeviateDefiant's car. My garage is free now so I can get on with that now.
      Thanks for the reminder :Smile: I'll measure the tank tomorrow and get that ordered I think I have the rest of the kit in the garage already, need to check.
      SpeedyGee, Tuesday 14th Jul, 2015
    4. richb87 Avatar
      I have LPG on the list of things to do before the year is out. I didnt even think to ask on here if anybody does conversions. Fancy doing mine? If so could you message me more details please
      richb87, Tuesday 14th Jul, 2015
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