Daily Driver Owned by ordi

  • Civic FN3 2.2 i-ctdi diesel

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    MODEL: 2008, 3D Type-S
    ENGINE: N22A2
    INLET: Big front Intercooler
    EXHOUST: stock
    ECU: chiped to 203HP and 422Nm, turned off EGR
    DRIVE TRAIN: Modified clutch from Accorda Type-s 2.2 i-dtec 180HP + harder clutch disc, short-shifter
    SUSPENSION: H&R springs -30/-30mm
    BRAKES: FRONT - Accord 2.4 CU2 BBK 320mm,
    REAR - stock
    BODY-KIT: 18" Black Mat wheels in the summer and stock FN3 17" wheels in the winter; Type-R grill; tinted windows
    INTERIOR: boost and oil temp. gauges
    CAR-AUDIO: front speekers u-Dimension El COMP 6 + making door more silent
    POWER: 203HP and 422Nm
  1. Great Civic, great modifications!!!!. I'm preparing for chipping too, hopfully to get around 220HP :Smile:
  2. Awesome Civic, love this shape, great to see a diesel getting attention too. :Smile:
  3. That is a really nice build, even if it is a diesel, you have like 100x more torque then my car :Laughing:
  4. Modified car ... just what we love to see on HK :jumpup:

    422Nm jeeeezzz ! Bet it literally pulls like a train !!

    Looks like beez kneez too, I like it ! :gohonda:
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