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  • Daily driver, supplied new in May 2015 (2014MY) as a replacement for my Twilight Blue CR-V, which had a paintwork issue.

    The "SR Navi" is one grade below the top of the range EX in the CR-V family.

    It has alcantara / part leather seats instead of full leather, and also loses the following when compared to the EX grade:

    - Glass roof
    - Keyless entry and keyless "go"
    - Electronic tailgate
    - Powered drivers seat

    Replaced in September 2017 with a new Lexus NX 300h Sport. Farewell old friend...:Sobbing:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Premium Pack, comprising:

    - Front and rear mud flaps
    - Front and rear carpet mats
    - Boot tray
    - Side protectors

    Additional accessories, fitted from new:

    - Oval exhaust finisher
    - Rear bumper step protector

    My accessory 'wish list' :

    - Spare set of alloys (now fitted OEM 'Lyra' 18", May 2016)
    - Rear roof spoiler
    - Running boards, OEM 'stylish' rather than OEM 'full length.' (bought from HH December 2016 fitted January 2016)
    - Front rubber mats for Winter use (fitted December 2016, bought from HH)
    - Genuine Honda CR-V 'Sports Grille' colour coded in white orchid pearl (now fitted, May 2016)

    Service History & Related Threads

    - Initial 'photos uploaded 13th May show the car prior to delivery (and PDI), with the Premium Pack still to be fitted.
    - Additional 'photos uploaded 22nd May showing the car at the dealer prior to delivery, having had PDI and Premium Pack fitted.
    - 'Photos uploaded 25th May 2015 after a thorough clean, prep and wax
    - 'Photos uploaded to the 'Detailing' thread on 20th February 2017 after a thorough Winter clean & wax

    Detailing - 2015 CR-V : White Orchid Pearl

    - October 2015, at 2,500 miles, new 'photos uploaded after a pre-Winter wash & wax
    - December 2015, at just over 4,000 miles, 'photos uploaded of second set of alloys purchased - genuine Honda optional 'Lyra' 18" wheels for fitting at some future point, either with Winter tyres or Summer tyres if I decide to put Winter rubber on the original set

    Genuine Honda 'optional' wheels (Tyres & Wheels - )

    - May 2016, first service at 8,500 miles, saw the colour coded sports grille and genuine Honda Lyra alloys fitted.

    Accessories finally fitted (Optional Extras - )

    - December 2016, Winter tyres fitted (Falken HS449 Eurowinter).

    Falken HS449 Eurowinter tyres (225/60 R18 100H) (Reviews - )
  1. Always in show room condition this baby :Hooray:
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  2. Another fine CR-V example and unusual wheels ,I have the same sports grille on silver and I like it but would it will looks better if it was black to blend with the headlights ?
    If someone have a Photoshop please can you try how would it looks if the sport grille is black?
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  3. Looks lovely, the only engine Honda in Ireland are supplying now is a 1.6D :-S
  4. what other cars where you looking at when you bought this beast?
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    1. FirstHonda Avatar
      All sorts of things, as long as they were petrol powered and automatic. Medium sized cars - the Mazda 3, small SUVs - the MINI Paceman, larger SUVs - Toyota RAV4 and Subaru Forester and XV...all sorts. The CR-V was my favourite though, and I think it was a great choice.
      FirstHonda, Wednesday 14th Oct, 2015
  5. looks like a beast, how much did it cost?
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    1. FirstHonda Avatar
      In think the list price for the SR auto was about £28k.
      FirstHonda, Tuesday 18th Aug, 2015
    2. pastore Avatar
      you must be rich, looks good
      pastore, Tuesday 18th Aug, 2015
  6. Nice looking car. Is it AWD;automatic; petrol or diesel????
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    1. FirstHonda Avatar
      2.0 litre petrol/automatic, with AWD.
      FirstHonda, Friday 12th Jun, 2015
    2. PanayiotisPal Avatar
      Nice mine too.
      PanayiotisPal, Friday 12th Jun, 2015
    3. PanayiotisPal Avatar
      What is your average fuel consumption. Mine is 40% above stated figure (40,000 Km covered). Any recommendations?? Thanks
      PanayiotisPal, Sunday 10th Jan, 2016
  7. Quite an uncommon colour, you don't see many in white at all. She looks stunning Ed, I've only just been catching up with the saga of your previously owned CR-V!
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    1. Brian Scott Avatar
      Have you had any issues with the brakes grinding at low speeds?
      Brian Scott, Thursday 4th Jun, 2015
    2. FirstHonda Avatar
      Nope, no issues. It has only done 400 miles so far.
      FirstHonda, Thursday 4th Jun, 2015
  8. Ah so you had problems with the paint!

    I must say the white one looks the part. Very nice! Congratulations.
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  9. I'm looking forward to seeing her when she's had the PDI and Premium Pack. :Wink:
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  10. Funnily enough, I was in Aylesbury today and thinking about your car. Was tempted to drive past the dealership and have a look for a lonely white CR-V but got distracted
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