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  • Daily driver 2015 (2014MY) CR-V SR with navigation, 2.0 litre petrol automatic.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Premium pack fitted from new:
    - Carpet mats
    - Boot tray
    - Doorstep garnishes
    - Side protectors

    Service History & Related Threads

    Acquired new in March 2015.

    Replaced in May 2015 (by Honda) due to an issue with the paintwork.
  1. Didn't know you traded in your Accord. That's a nice motor, loving the colour.
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  2. Congrats bud, sad to see the Accord go thou.
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  3. Thanks all. She just needs a really good clean over Easter to bring her up to my standards - start as you mean to go on :Laughing:

    I have two tester pots of Dodo wax (each should cope with 3 - 4 treatments each of the CR-V) - Purple Haze and Blue Velvet. Both are formulated to give depth and deep gloss to blue cars, as well as bringing out the flake in the metallic. It will be interesting to see the results, and after using both over a couple of months I can decide which (if either) to buy a proper pot of...
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  4. The sun came out for your new arrival :Smile:
    Smashing to see the Premium Pack on there from the start. :GoodJob:
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  5. Very nice @FirstHonda .
    Quite like that colour, looking forward to see it one of these days.
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