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  • My daily driver since April 2012, used to take me up and down the country, mainly on the motorway - something to which it was very well suited indeed. Bought pre-registered (6 miles) from Aylesbury Honda, and serviced and maintained by them until its replacement with a new CR-V in April 2015.

    Pictures of the car were taken in Summer 2013 on its standard 17" wheels, with more taken in April and May 2014 showing the Sigma alloys, bought from HH in 2013 and fitted in April 2014.

    Some extra 'photos were added in June 2014 after cleaning and treating the seats with Swissvax Leather Cleaner and Swissvax Leather Milk.

    In March 2015 a couple of new photos were added to show my latest "optional extra" HondaKarma stickers in place :Smile:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    The following extras were fitted:
    - Sports pedals
    - Speaker rings
    - Side body protectors
    - Chrome doorstep garnishes
    - Boot tray
    - Front & rear mudguards
    - Sigma 18" alloys running Summer tyres (Yokohama AdvanSport v105s)
    - Standard 17" alloys running Winter tyres (Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme)
  1. Accord is now departed, and is already sadly missed:Sobbing:

    Replaced with my CR-V :happycrying:
    1. Nels Avatar
      There's a very lucky and very happy new 8th Generation owner out there.
      You've spread some Honda Happiness.
      Onward and upward, you've got a brand new CR-V
      Nels, Friday 27th Mar, 2015
  2. No new pictures to add - the Winter wheels are back on, and there are already shots of the car on the standard 17" wheels - but what I have done is ask HH for a price to fit the front and rear sports bumpers, sports grille, and side skirts.

    I may or may not get it done in the Spring, but I will need to do something to the front bumper as 3 years on the motorway has taken its toll in terms of chips. If I decide to keep the car for another 2-3 years (or longer) it is an investment I'd be willing to make :Smile:

    Will need to be certain though, as don't want to spend the money and then decide to change it...decisions, decision!
  3. I see what you mean very shiney wheels :GoodJob: I'll keep an eye open for you
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  4. Noticed on the official Honda website, that both Sigma and Delta 18" alloys are shown as costing £995 for a set, including VAT and fitting (but not tyres). Link below.

    New Accord Saloon Accessories | Honda UK

    In the accessories price list dated 08/06/2012, which I got shortly after I got the car, both sets were listed at...£2390 :Aghast:
  5. Nice car the wheels definitely make it look more aggressive nice touch
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  6. Brilliant looking car and I really love those wheels
    Mike c
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  7. Should also give some more credit to Aylesbury Honda for their service in sorting the wheels and tyres. Just superb, every time. Really good guys, and excellent standards :Thumbup:
  8. You had a great looking car.
    You've now got a stunning car !
    I like Sigma alloys best of all
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  9. I'm stunned at how good they look. The dealership staff came out for a final look before I drove off, not sure they had seen one with Sigma alloys before. Fair to say that I'm VERY pleased! :OTT:
  10. The Sigma alloys are looking fantastic mate, goes really well with the Alabaster Silver and gives it a more aggressive look.
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