FD2 Civic Type-R
Previously Owned Owned by Sims77

  • My Honda Civic Type-R FD2 is now in the UK and in prep.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    J's Racing oil cap
  1. lovely car
    more updates please
    1. Sims77 Avatar
      Thank you
      Nothing much has happened of late.

      Rough times at work have slowed my modding plans
      Sims77, Tuesday 8th Dec, 2015
    2. nsxer Avatar
      Updates don't mean mods!
      Don't go too mad car is very nice as is.
      Hope work gets better for you soon
      nsxer, Tuesday 8th Dec, 2015
    3. Sims77 Avatar
      Thank you

      Nothing too mad. Just the usual exhaust and induction with a remap.
      Don't think the outside will change now.
      Sims77, Tuesday 8th Dec, 2015
  2. I have jealousy pains right now. Can't wait to see more pictures of this. I was saving like mad for one but impatience got the better of me and I've ended up in a DC5 (still a good compromise).
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    1. Sims77 Avatar
      My DC5 was the love of my car life. It's still a fantastic choice for a car.
      I'm getting excited now as I've had a letter to confirm that the boat docks on the 8th. A couple of weeks to get her ready and I'll be one happy chappy.

      Pics will of course follow
      Sims77, Saturday 28th Mar, 2015
  3. Looks awesome love the colour :Thumbup:

    Is that standard ride height, looks like its riding about 15-20mm lower?
    1. Sims77 Avatar
      I'm not sure?
      The previous owner has swapped the 18" wheels for 17" WedsSports.
      Not sure what else has been done till it gets here.
      Sims77, Sunday 22nd Mar, 2015
  4. All the changes can go in the Project Log tab. The main photographs and mods lists etc are via the edit function on this entry.
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  5. I do like that colour on your FD2. Please post lots of photographs when you get finally her.
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    1. Sims77 Avatar
      I will do.
      I'll want to do a progress thread when i get chance to modify it
      Sims77, Tuesday 17th Mar, 2015
  6. 12 days to get it registered with DVLA is not bad at all, so what's the process for getting the car registered for use on Uk soil ?
    1. Sims77 Avatar
      My importer Andy will service the car. Then underseal it and do any bits and bobs that I've asked for or needs doing, like window tints, etc. He will need to add a rear fog light and send all the paperwork to register the car for the UK.
      Then once the car is ready to go, he has to take it to Carlisle for the SVA test.

      It used to be a swift process when the DVLA offices were local but now everything has to go to Swansea. So it could be longer. I hope not. I want the car for my birthday (21st)
      Sims77, Tuesday 17th Mar, 2015
  7. Ooohhh nice ! When is it due to land ?
    1. Sims77 Avatar
      Hits our shores on the 8th April. Should be ready to drive by the 20th.
      The wait is killing me
      Sims77, Tuesday 17th Mar, 2015
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