Family Workhorse
Daily Driver Owned by JamesS

  • Used as my daily, replacing my Lexus IS200 that was modified too. :Smile:

    I don't like big body kits or anything, like things very much OEM+ or track focused.

    So plans for the car are lower, faster and smarter.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Japspeed rear camber arms
    Tein Super Street Coilovers

    JBL 6x9 rear speakers
    Parrot Bluetooth audio and phone

    Mintex Pads all round
    Dimpled and Grooved Discs

    K&N panel filter.

    Pirelli P7 225/45/17

    Mugen GP 17x7.5 ET48

    Coming soon:
    Tein EDFC Pro
    Front door speakers
    Recaro Seats
  1. Updated with a couple of pics of the Mugen wheels after a bit of a scrub! :Smile:
    1. exec Avatar
      I love those alloys, am sucker for anodised bronze alloys.
      exec, Tuesday 22nd Mar, 2016
    2. JamesS Avatar
      I adore them! :Smile: They are so light too! Make such a difference to the handling.
      JamesS, Tuesday 22nd Mar, 2016
  2. Great looking car and love the rare colour.
    1. JamesS Avatar
      Thanks! I wasn't a huge fan to be honest till I got the new Mugen wheels. Very happy with it now.
      JamesS, Friday 1st Jan, 2016
  3. Any more pics you can add yet mate?
    1. JamesS Avatar
      Have you seen the ones in the thread? :Smile:
      JamesS, Saturday 5th Sep, 2015
  4. Nice look forward to seeing more pics of it :Smile:
  5. Hey JamesS fair play the pic you have of your ride from behind looks amazing, loving the wheels :Smile: What Coilovers did you go for and have noticed your after a K&N panel filter of which I have a spare one now have my Typhoon in ;-)
    1. JamesS Avatar
      Thanks mate, I need to get some proper pics of the car, I'm not a great photographer as the car looks loads better in real life! Will get some better ones taken this summer. I got some HSD coilovers, and for the money they are great, its a little bit stiffer than I would have liked, but you get used to that. Can't fault them for the money. Didn't really notice any different with K&N panel filter, it was more for keep the air cleaner on way into engine than a performance mod.
      JamesS, Tuesday 17th Feb, 2015
    2. JamesS Avatar
      Also got some Japspeed rear camber adjusters so the wheels at the back should fill the arches a bit better when fitted. And the car has settled at the front a bit now, so it looks spot on height wise. :Smile:
      JamesS, Tuesday 17th Feb, 2015
  6. Kind of like so you get a rating.
    1. JamesS Avatar
      Thanks, photo's don't really do it justice. Will get some better ones up soon. :Smile:
      JamesS, Monday 13th Oct, 2014
  7. Just added a couple of quick pics taken outside works with the new wheels on. Hopefully getting coilovers on this weekend. :Smile: