Daily Driver Owned by honda_saj

  1. here is one pic i found more to follow, i realised i don't have many pics of my car rofl
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    1. cmahey Avatar
      Take some more pics, these don't do it justice!
      cmahey, Wednesday 19th Apr, 2017
  2. The rest will come in pieces lol i finally created a car in garage :Smile:
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    1. MickyB Avatar
      Comment posted in your project log
      Just for you Saj
      MickyB, Friday 17th Feb, 2017
    2. DrSam Avatar
      I guess the next item maybe the clutch cylinder
      DrSam, Friday 17th Feb, 2017
  3. @honda_saj dude you need to get more pictures in here other than a fusebox.
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  4. its a kit car accord to keeps all on edge of seats @honda_saj i'll be watching this mate..
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  5. Haha, i got excited, was thinking finally @honda_saj added his car to the club garage.
    But its just a fuse box, is that the fuse box you installed on yours? If yes, thats a start like @MickyB said
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  6. Ok we've started with the fuse box !!!!
    Now where's the rest of it:Grin:
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