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    Yatour YT-M06 HON2 BT installed (bluetooth kit.) comes with a microphone for hands-free calling. Very easy install, especially as I am now well-versed in removing centre console where the radio/sat nav system is. The Yatour unit plugs into the "aux" plug (white one) on the back of the unit. You retain both 6-disc changer/aux (CDC displays on screen) and switch between the two by pressing the CD/Aux button. I believe this plug is unused on most model Accords. It may be used for face-lift models with HFT unit. I believe it was used with accessories available in some markets (cassette player, etc that are listed as dealer-installed accessories in catalogues). In the US where XM radio is very popular I believe the plug is occupied by the satellite radio receiver. I replaced an Anker Roav F2 fm transmitter with bluetooth and the Yatour has vastly superior sound. I never realized how poor the sound quality was with the Anker until I made the switch.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Replaced left rear wheel bearing at 130,000 miles.

    Front brake pads and rotors

    Coolant flush and change (a very easy job)

    LED interior light upgrade (really makes the car feel more modern)

    Headlight renovation using a Protect Monte Carlo kit which mounts on a drill (really spruced up the front end)

    New Michelin Primacy4 tires on front (which I am very happy with), so happy in fact that I put them on the rear too. New tires make it feel like a new car!
    Moog rear drop links and Honda OEM bushes (replaced myself in a self-service garage using Vice Grip method and lots of elbow grease but no cutting required)

    Bought a replacement SatNav Screen/CD changer unit + DVD Sat Nav player from a Spanish breakers for under 230€ all told. I only needed the Screen unit which was 143€ posted to get my Sat Nav fully functional again. This was the last thing on the car which was not working and which I managed to fix without spending a fortune.

    Had to repair front number-plate mount for MOT (which the car passed with flying colours). It is held on with two bolts with a round rubber-encased nut on the inside of the bumper. Needless to say these were impossible to remove so I wound up removing the grill (easy job as all of the clips along the bottom side were broken (thanks to a Dacia with a trailer hitch ramming into me while parked!) Normally these clips are accessed from either underneath the bumper or possibly with the bumper off. I refitted the mount by cutting the remaining rubber such that it would support the bolt and putting a different nut on back.
  1. Engine runs smoothly (changed oil and filtre with Honda OEM filtre and Oil from Honda dealership which was Castrol Edge Professional 5w-30) Also purchased Honda collant from dealership but haven't got round to training and replacent coolant. There is a small chirp coming from Aux belt region that needs attention, and very recently a nasty droning noise coming from the rear. I have placed an order for two rear wheel bearings (SKF VKBA 6860 at 81,99€ each on Commander vos pièces de rechanges pour votre voiture à bas prix | cartech-one droplinks (Meyle HD 4-yr warranty 31160600015/HD and 31160600017/HD for left and right side 115mm in length - 26,71€ each on Piece auto pas cher – Pieces detachees auto neuves – WebdealAuto and bushes (N4294000 - 7,48€ for both on Piece auto pas cher – Pieces detachees auto neuves – WebdealAuto which needed to be done when I acquired the car at 200,000km
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      I can't seem to delete the above info which is not for the tourer but the saloon. They have different rear suspension set-ups (to maximize space in the Tourer?). I got the right parts and OEM bushings (which need to be greased before fitting) from the dealer and did the job using a pair of vice grips and a socket wrench on a lift at a self-service garage in about an hour. The 2004 tourer part is 52320-SED-003 (identical on both sides) (this is not the case for saloon). knocking noise is gone!
      jvm33, Saturday 23rd Mar, 2019
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